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NHS could take up to two years to recover fully from effects of Coronavirus, Royal College warns

NHS could take up to two years to recover fully from effects of Coronavirus, Royal College warns

The NHS could take up to two years to recover from the Covid-19 crisis, and cope with the number of patients it was dealing with before it, medics have warned.

The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) said it was important to be honest with patients about just how long it could take for things to return to normal. 

NHS figures show the numbers of patients waiting a year or more for operations has increased by ten-fold in the last year. 

Many procedures are now taking far longer than they used to, because of extra time on infection control, deployment of Personal Protective Equipment.

Meanwhile the number of beds on wards has been reduced, in order to allow social distancing. 

The RCP surveyed 19 medical specialties to ask medics when they expected their services to return to full capacity. 

Seventy per cent of those polled thought it would take at least

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intimate tales of quiet heroism

intimate tales of quiet heroism

The scenes from inside the hospital on Italy’s Frontline: A Doctor’s Diary (BBC Two) were grim, of course. We  are well-used to them now: doctors on the brink of exhaustion, both physical and emotional; patients struggling for survival. But it was the home scenes in...

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Shop workers and taxi drivers to be tested amid fears over asymptomatic coronavirus spread

The announcement comes as the weekly statistics for the flagship Test and Trace service revealed that the proportion of close contacts of people who have tested positive for the disease fell again. In the week ending July 1, 70.8 per cent were successfully reached and...

‘It probably made my year’

“It's a nice thing to do that - he is still the humble person that he always was all those years ago before playing for England,” said Dr Afzal. “It almost made up for the stress of the pandemic. Particularly as Chris and I are both from the same club - it was just...

Coronavirus crisis reverses years of NHS waiting list progress as delays soar

Health policy think tanks are warning that, with hospitals set to remain hampered by the need to observe strict infection control and an expected increase in new patients, there is no realistic prospect of clearing the bottlenecks. The long-term support demanded by...

When swimming pools open, will they be safe?

Whilst the Government has allowed restaurants, pubs and shops to reopen their doors, leisure centres and swimming pools have remained firmly shut. But do not fear, avid swimmers, that’s expected to change.  The Government will announce on Thursday that swimming pools...

This simple diet fix could help halve the risk of developing type-2 diabetes, study finds

The equivalent of eating two bananas, four broccoli spears, a portion of strawberries and a large handful of cherry tomatoes every day can halve the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, a study has found.  As an indicator of daily fruit and vegetable intake,...