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Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys for a healthy body, but is also the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.

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How concerned should we be about a coronavirus resurgence?

The King’s College data estimates that around 29,174 people currently have symptomatic Covid-19 in Britain, which has remained stable since major lockdown restrictions were lifted.

Although being ultra-cautious about the disease may seem prudent, there is mounting evidence that lockdown is causing many excess deaths through lack of adequate healthcare. ONS figures this week show that the number of people dying in hospital is still low, suggesting many people are still not being able to access healthcare.

Sam Williams, of Economic Insight, whose analysis suggests more than 21,000 people may have died because of the consequence of lockdown, said: “The public’s perception of Covid risk has been heavily distorted, and that’s probably a key explanation for what we find in our study.  

“That’s very pertinent to the ‘second wave’ talk from the Government now.  You cannot scare people to death and expect there to be no repercussions.”

Before lockdown was

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a salute to the walking embodiment of British values

Why did we take Captain Sir Tom Moore to our hearts? Of course his charity effort was inspiring, but it was more than that. He represents the best of British. In The Life and Times of Captain Sir Tom (ITV), historian Dominic Sandbrook did as good a job as any of...

France placed on UK travel quarantine list as coronavirus cases rise again

France has been struck from the Government’s quarantine free travel list, amid rising concern over new cases in the country. Up to 400,000 Britons are currently on holiday in France and now face a last-minute dash to return home before the restrictions come into force...

France edges closer to being put on travel quarantine list as coronavirus cases rise again

It is understood a decision had not yet been made on whether to strike France from the safe list on Thursday night because ministers wanted to assess the latest data before acting. Mr Johnson said the Government would be "absolutely ruthless" about imposing the...

Oldham on brink of full lockdown as coronavirus cases surge

"The first thing that we've said to the Health Secretary is that we don't believe that it would be right to see the further relaxation with regard to the opening of a range of additional business premises this weekend or in the near future," the Mayor said. Rather...

‘Early breast cancer screening saved my life’

I always knew I needed to keep an eye on my breasts. I lost my mother to breast cancer when she was just 43 (Dad also sadly died from cancer in his late 30s), and as I grew up I was determined to make sure that if it ever happened to me I caught it early.  I lived in...