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One million meals to be delivered to NHS medics on coronavirus front line

One million meals to be delivered to NHS medics on coronavirus front line

One million meals will be delivered to key NHS workers in just three months, as a leading businessman launches an initiative to support doctors and nurses during the Coronavirus crisis.

Ron Dennis CBE, the former McLaren Formula One boss, has donated more than £1m to ensure thousands of medics are well fed as they work excruciatingly long hours on the frontline of the outbreak.

The groundbreaking project, SalutetheNHS, will allow staff to focus on saving lives during the COVID-19 pandemic rather than worry about where their next meal will come from.

The first food packs containing breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks will be delivered on Monday with the help of Yodel, the parcel delivery service.

Tesco is donating all the food and ingredients for the one million meals.

They will be put in accessible areas of hospitals for staff who are unable to leave their clinical areas during 12-hour shifts.

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