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Nurses told not to wear uniforms outside work after people accuse them of ‘spreading coronavirus’

Nurses told not to wear uniforms outside work after people accuse them of ‘spreading coronavirus’

NHS nurses have been ordered to stop wearing their uniforms outside work after being harassed outside hospitals and accused of “spreading the virus”.

Frontline medical workers have been told to travel to and from work in plain clothes to avoid being abused by members of the public, according to official instructions seen by The Telegraph.

An email setting out the new rules was sent to nurses across the country on Thursday, only hours before a nationwide round of applause was held in honour of the NHS.

It comes after doctors and nurses were targeted by muggers who attempted to steal their identity badges outside hospitals. 

The email, sent to NHS Blood and Transplant nurses, read: “From tomorrow until further notice, can all nurses please no longer wear their uniforms to travel to and from their place of work. You will need to take uniforms with you and change.

“There have

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One million meals to be delivered to NHS medics on coronavirus front line

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