The news that millions of pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE) are being shipped from Britain to Europe despite NHS shortages has only further highlighted the Government’s struggles to provide frontline workers with the equipment they so desperately need. 

PPE supplies have been regarded as an essential part of Britain’s response to Covid-19, but to the ordinary Briton the difference between such protection and ordinary equipment is not always clear.

What materials are needed for gowns, what type of PPE equipment is required by the NHS and what happens to the equipment once it has been used? These are just some of the questions that concerned members of the public have. 

With numerous reports of nurses and doctors having to treat Covid-19 without protective equipment, a lack of supplies has dogged ministers for weeks, but why is PPE so necessary and will the Government be able to rectify the current shortfall? 

At 1 p.m. (BST) on Wednesday, the Telegraph’s Health Editor, Laura Donnelly, will be answering your questions on the UK’s PPE crisis. 

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